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   - The prediction returned will include one to three months depending on the most relevant turning points

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   - Needless to say, the prediction is merely the result of a mathematical study of statistics from the past behavior of the instrument so that we decline all responsibility for its reliability

   - You will obtain something like this , where in some cases the degree of compliance is higher and others lower.

In JRBOLSA.COM you will find lots of past articles you should read. Be patient but attempt to assimilate the ideas explained. We have selected and translated for you milestone works from great traders to complement the original papers written by the JRBOLSA.COM team. You will find real-time operations. You will find them even in multimedia if you have speakers. You will find many programs we use, like VisualChart (data carrier), the "TWS" of InteractiveBrokers (broker), Dynamic Trader (graphical programm that we will gladly show you how to install and use), etc. You can contact us by messenger in (but please do not write emails to that address). You may ask us as many questions as you want (advices, consultations about software, stocks, portfolios, etc)... that we'd love to answer. You'll find psychological patterns to be taken both for intraday or swing traders, or even you are a medium-long term investor. We also trace portfolios and advices which cost will depend on the desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, ...) and on the number or stocks, indexes, etc.

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